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Conservatives Secure a Better Deal For Young People

Conservative Councillors at Hove Town Hall
Conservative Group Secures Half a Million Pounds for Youth Services

Half a Million Pounds for Youth Services

After years of Youth Service cuts under consecutive Green and Labour Administrations, local Conservatives have successfully turned the tide in favor of the next generation by securing a major boost in support for our city’s young people of almost half a million pounds. The extra funding, directed at improving youth services across the city, will be added to the Labour Council’s Budget to be debated on 22nd Feb.

Conservatives Demonstrate Support for Community & Voluntary Sector

Brighton & Hove Conservative Councillors have also demonstrated clear support for the Community and Voluntary sector in delivering these services; not only because they are good at what they do, but also because Council funding helps improve their sustainability and attracts other funding for their important work.

Tough Negotiations Deliver Additional Funding

Tough negotiations with local Labour Party moderates, under threat of a Momentum takeover, have delivered £90,000 additional funding to support respite care through additional after school and weekend programmes, funding to recruit an extra 20 independent visitors for children in care and £70,000 to extend mental health support to students in further education.

More Young People Will Be Able To Achieve Their Full Potential

Conservatives locally have listened to parents, carers and young people with special educational needs and disabilities, about the lack of support when it is time to enter the world of work. Calling recently for a Council report to identify where support was lacking, this extra money means that there will be funds to fill those gaps. This will help young people, their co-workers and employers to sustain their employment so more young people will be able to achieve their full potential.

Youth Bus Delivers Services Where Young People Want and Need Them

Our Community and Voluntary Sector has been calling for more access to the youth bus, so services can be delivered where young people want and need them. We’ve set aside funds to allow this to happen.

Conservatives Fight to Secure Funding for Young Refugees

We are all acutely aware of the challenges faced by traumatised young people who have sought refuge in the UK from war-ravaged countries, but it was the Conservatives who fought for the extra funds needed to deliver support to help their emotional needs, establish links to community activities and, for some, help to address their trauma. Our aim is to help them better settle in the city, thrive and become active members of our community.

Additional Funding for RUOK – Tackling Substance Misuse of Under 18s

We have also worked with Labour to combat the scourge of London based gangs use of children to distribute drugs in Brighton & Hove. Together we have requested government support to help councils and the Police tackle this horrific crime. Our commitment to tackling drug use by young people is our delivery of additional funding for RUOK, the city’s substance misuse service for under 18s.

“…We Were Able to Persuade the Moderates in The Labour Administration to Work With Us…”

Cllr Tony Janio - Leader of The Conservative Group at BHCC
Cllr Tony Janio

Tony Janio, Conservative Group Leader at Brighton & Hove City Council said, ‘I’m so pleased we were able to persuade the moderates in the Labour Administration to work with us to get the extra funds out where it is most needed. All of the initiatives we have identified will help young people achieve their potential, help families of disabled young people cope and stick together and at the same time support our colleagues in the community and voluntary sector to deliver where possible.’

This Year We’ve Been Able to Make An Even Bigger Difference

Cllr Andrew Wealls, Conservative Finance Spokesman
Cllr Andrew Wealls

Andrew Wealls, Conservative Finance Spokesman said, ‘I’m so proud Conservatives, even though we don’t control the Council, have managed to deliver funds to support vital services for our city’s young people for the second year in a row. Last year, Labour brought forward plans to devastate the service. We managed to reverse some of their cuts. This year we’ve been able to make an even bigger difference.’