Home Council Conservatives Demand Labour Releases Funds For Misplaced 38

Conservatives Demand Labour Releases Funds For Misplaced 38

Dorothy Stringer (Courtesy of The Argus)
Dorothy Stringer (Courtesy of The Argus)

The Conservative Government have provided the city with £15m that can be immediately spent on our city’s schools. Rather than the Labour Administration sitting on these Government funds, the Conservative Group demands the money is spent in this financial year.

Dorothy Stringer Ready To Act

The minutes of the meeting of the full governing body of Dorothy Stringer, on 11th December 2017, state that ‘to accommodate an increase in student numbers by 30 Dorothy Stringer School would need two temporary classrooms, cupboard space and a catering pod’.

Council Leadership Called Into Question

Far from being insurmountable, the request for two portacabins, storage space, and a catering pod, could be easily achieved by September 2018 if there was sufficient will and leadership from the Labour council. It is unacceptable that this group of 38 children should be left in limbo when the funding is available right now.

Parents Call For Action

Local parents have set-up an action group ‘Misplaced 38’ (Click here for their Facebook page) and their online petition has over 1400 signatures. More details on this story are reported by Joel Adams in The Argus.