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Conservatives Force Labour to Enact Additional School Safety Measures


Conservatives raised the issue of a lack in sufficient parking enforcement teams for the suburbs of our City, and in particular around our schools. The Conservative Group welcomes the Council’s proposal to recruit more officers. It is however a shame that the Labour Administration’s lack of initiative required the solution to be forced on them by Conservative Councillors. We also welcome the proposal to consolidate guidance to schools that is currently a disconnected mess.

Conservatives Force Additional School Parking Enforcement

Regretfully, the Labour Administration has failed to deal with two key solutions proposed by the Conservative Group. Unless enhanced traffic regulations are applied around our schools, enforcement officers will be limited, as they are now, in dealing with parking infringements. At ETS Committee, we will table an amendment to correct this and give enforcement officers the tools with which to do the job. 

The Council Owes A Duty Of Care To Its Work Force

Equally we are dismayed that Labour have discounted providing body worn cameras to patrol crossing officers. The Council owes a duty of care to its work force and body worn cameras will help limit the abuse that crossing officers receive whilst just trying to ensure children can safely cross the road. We hope that the Administration will support our second amendment.