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Conservatives Secure Victory For The Misplaced 38

Dorothy Stringer (Courtesy of The Argus)
Dorothy Stringer (Courtesy of The Argus)
Conservative Members of PR&G

Conservative’s Push Labour to Protect Pupil’s Prospects


At a meeting of The Policy, Resources, and Growth Committee, in city Chambers on Thursday 29th March, A Conservative Group amendment forced the chaotic Labour Administration to immediately accommodate the ‘misplaced 38‘ Children in September 2018.

Rush to Save Face

Realising that the Conservatives had found a solution to the plight of the misplaced 38, Labour Councillors hurriedly cobbled together a document to try and save face. On March 29th, a full 48 hours after Conservatives stepped-up to the plate, seemingly embarrassed Labour Councillors tried to score political points in City Chambers. Cllrs Janio, Bell, Wealls, and Peltzer Dunn did not stand for these shenanigans and requested an adjournment so that all three Parties could follow the Conservative lead and ensure action is taken immediately.

Conservatives Broker Unity to Achieve Results for Misplaced 38

Following the adjournment a joint amendment was unanimously voted through in the Chamber. The Conservative’s fast action prompted, albeit over two days later, the Labour Administration to see sense and correct their mistakes.


Conservative Government Provided £15m for New School in Brighton & Hove

Fifteen million pounds, allocated to build a secondary school the city does not need, can be used to build the two extra classrooms and catering facilities needed at Dorothy Stringer, thanks to an urgent request from the Conservative Group in our city. Cllr Tony Janio, and Cllr Steve Bell CBE submitted an amendment to The Policy, Resources, and Growth Committee demanding urgent action be taken to ensure the 38 misplaced children – all living within the Dorothy Stringer & Varndean catchment areas – can start the 2018-19 academic at a school near their homes.