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Labour Administration Fail To Deliver Basic Services


Conservative Councillors are pleading with the Labour Administration to take action before a public health crisis hits our city.

Residents Wait More Than Six Weeks For Recycling To Be Cleared

The Administration have failed to meet their promise to clear a backlog of bin collections. Labour’s failure to meet its recycling targets is disgraceful enough, but now we know that some residents have waited in excess of six weeks to have their recycling cleared.

Cllr. Lee Wares
Cllr. Lee Wares

“As the grandson of somebody who worked for decades as a refuse collector in our City, I can understand how disheartening it must be for the crews that collect our refuse and recycling. It is inexcusable for the Labour Administration to fail in delivering basic services. It is time for Labour to stop feeding false hope and promise about when rubbish will stop piling up in our streets and get a grip of the situation. Alas, this will not be the only time that the City will suffer whilst Labour has its eye off the ball.”

Patcham – Hollingbury – Portslade Abandoned For 3 Weeks

Residents in the Wards of Patcham, Hollingbury, and Portslade have been waiting three weeks to have their bins collected. The situation is now so bad that there is genuine fear of a public health crisis. Seagulls and foxes are ripping bags and tipping bins, spreading refuse across streets and attracting rats.

Toxic Relationship Between Labour Council Leadership & GMB

Cllr Wealls. Conservative Finance Spokesman
Cllr Andrew Wealls

“Residents are fed up with the disastrous way the Labour Administration has manged Cityclean. Every week there is a different excuse. I suspect the toxic relationship between the Council’s Leadership and the GMB may go some way to explaining this shambles. I would have hoped they would have got more for the £200k of tax payers’ money the Labour Council gives the unions every year in the hope it may have contributed to delivering a better service. A vain hope indeed.”

Cllr Steve Bell
Cllr Steve Bell

The Deputy Leader of The Conservative Group, Cllr Steve Bell, said “The hard work and dedication of the workers at Cityclean is being undermined by the Labour Administration’s inability to take control of this situation. The lack of oversight has led to our residents being let down, and the cost to taxpayers for cleaning up this mess is unacceptable.”