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Labour Promise Broken…


So How Have Labour Failed to Deliver?

At Full Council on 19th April, Conservatives questioned Labour’s record on building Council houses after their 2015 election promise to build 500 under their Administration. Nationally 217,000 is how many more homes there were in England in 2016/17 than the year before. That’s the second highest increase on record over the last 26 years. 184,000 of these were newly built in 2016/17. So why has the Labour Administration here in Brighton and Hove failed to match this national record locally?

Just 102 New Homes Under Labour Administration

Answers received in Council papers advised that homes approved, started and completed by Labour equal just 102 homes – with 35 more to complete by the end of May 2019.

Cllr Wares

Cllr. Lee Wares said “At a previous Council meeting, Cllr. Meadows, Labour’s lead on new homes, accused me of ‘politics of envy’ when I questioned how things were going. We now know that just 102 homes, to date, have been approved, started and completed as a result of this Labour Administration. This is just 20% of the target they promised our City. I can assure Cllr. Meadows I am not envious of this appalling betrayal of the electorate.”

Less Than Quarter Currently Built

Cllr Mears. Housing Committee.
Cllr Mears

Cllr. Mary Mears said “It is a shocking record. It isn’t good enough to make the promise and then spend their Administration dragging their heels. It is also interesting to note from the papers the rents being charged. Labour constantly criticise private rent levels but try to convince us that a Council rent of £800 per month for a 2 bedroom flat is affordable”.

Cllr Steve Bell

Cllr Steve Bell commented “It is not just the low number of homes being built but the huge amounts of money being spent. Land cost is zero as the Council owns the land but Labour still spend an average £250,000 per unit. Cllr. Meadows will continue to blame the other political groups for not helping her. She made the promise of 500 homes and it is she who needs to come up with ways of using tenants’ money more wisely when building and then when the construction costs are lower, the rents can be lower”.