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Conservatives Fight For Beach Hut Owners

Beach huts around Hove Plinth

At a meeting of the Tourism, Development, and Culture Committee (TDC), in City Chambers on June 21st, Conservative Councillors spoke out against the Labour Administration’s disgraceful treatment of Beach Hut owners, and the way in which a new licence has been drawn-up and implemented.

Conservatives Prove Increase Not Possible Under Existing Terms

Robert Nemeth
Cllr Robert Nemeth

Cllr Robert Nemeth, who sits on the TDC, has long been a defender of beach hut owners’ rights, and he was instrumental in identifying that the terms and conditions of the (existing) beach hut licence did not enable such an increase of the transfer fee.

Conservatives Demand Proper Consideration

Cllr Mary Mears and Cllr Robert Nemeth, both Conservative, submitted an amendment to Agenda Item 13 (of TDC on 21st June 2018), calling for the Committee to postpone the approval of the new beach hut licences. They requested “That the committee defers the item to the next meeting of the committee so that the proposed new licence agreement may be properly considered.”

Amendment Passed!

The Green Members of TDC saw the sense in taking time to give proper consideration to the proposed new licence agreement. The Conservative Group amendment was accepted, and now this item has been deferred to the next meeting of TDC – which is on the 27th September 2018.

Speaking after the Committee meeting, Cllr Robert Nemeth said “I’m delighted that fellow committee members agreed with me that beach hut owners hadn’t been consulted and that the matter should be deferred so that consultation can take place. Threatening beach hut owners with eviction is plain wrong – especially when the Council was in the wrong all along.”