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Mears Contract Mismanagement


The Right Contract At The Right Time

Cllr Steve Bell OBE

Whilst discussing the options program for the future delivery of repairs, planned maintenance and capital works for the council’s housing stock Cllr Steve Bell again highlighted that the original contract, brought into force by a Conservative Administration, has been confirmed as “…the right contract at the right time for our city”. It is the subsequent mismanagement of this contract, ostensibly by the current chaotic Labour Administration, that has led to misery being inflicted on residents in our city’s housing stock.

Don’t Simply Listen To Those Who Shout The Loudest

Cllr Tony Janio
Cllr Tony Janio

Councillors Janio and and Bell also demanded that any new contract must take into account the views and feedback from all residents in Brighton and Hove Council’s housing stock, not simply listen to people who ‘shout the loudest’. Vulnerable tenants and those less able to get their voices heard must be taken in to consideration.