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Bricks Versus Clicks

Cllr Mears. Housing Committee.
Cllr Mary Mears

Speaking in City Chambers, at a meeting of Full Council, Cllr Mary Mears has asked what Labour can offer our hardworking entrepreneurs, who are striving to succeed on the streets of our city.

Conservatives Support Local Businesses

The last decade has seen the greatest ever change in retail. Consumer spending has moved significantly from bricks to clicks. Shops are struggling to compete against online businesses that sell directly to the public without the traditional overheads associated with high street trading. Conservatives believe high streets are here to stay for the long term. Conservatives introduced over £10 billion worth of business rate support. A Conservative Government gave £18 million to projects, including The Great British High Street scheme, supporting regeneration and celebrating innovative work going on across the country.

Labour Chancellor Vows to End Private Business

Brighton & Hove Cllr Platts & Marxist John McDonnell MP
Brighton & Hove Cllr Platts & Marxist John McDonnell MP

The Labour Shadow Chancellor, when defending his support for socialist Venezuela, has repeatedly – on record – promised to pursue the overthrow of capitalism