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Labour’s Broken Promises 🗑♻️🚯🚮


Labour Are Like The Orchestra Fiddling Away As The Titanic Goes Under

Cllr Wares - Environment Spokesman
Cllr Wares – Environment Spokesman

“Our City is a mess, litter is the norm, graffiti is everywhere, recycling rates nose diving.

“Labour’s so-called plan is devoid of any significant detail, the causes of problems are not discussed, sustainable solutions are not presented, there is no financial detail, no value for money assessment, no measurable objectives, no performance indicators. In fact nothing – it merely says there is a problem and we are fixing it. It suggests things have improved. Labour are like the orchestra fiddling away as the Titanic goes under.”

Cllr Warren Morgan

Speaking in 2015, the then Leader of BHCC said: “We will lead a Labour council which will implement the sensible policies we put to voters having listened to them on the issues that matter to them: getting our basic refuse, recycling and street cleaning running properly…”

Conservative Success

A Notice of Motion tabled by the Conservatives has been unanimously accepted and is a huge, positive step forward in tackling our City’s refuse and recycling problems. The Conservatives called for, and secured:

✅ A report for the Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee that details precisely the sustainable solutions to enable refuse, recycling and green waste collections occurring on the published days.

✅ That the report include actual measures to deal with other issues that were sent to Policy, Resources and Growth Committee on 12th July 2018 (agenda item 11) as well as detailing the constraints and restrictions that prevent modernisation.

✅ That the report further include financial and performance analysis of the commercial waste and garden waste services against their respective previously approved business plans and financial forecasts.

The Long Suffering Workforce Are Not To Blame

Cllr Steve Bell OBE

“Who is to blame? Without doubt it is not the the long suffering workforce, who are having to be on the frontline and greeted by disillusioned residents. The workforce of CityClean are to be applauded and thanked as each and every day they go into work, they know they cannot fulfil their employment because the refuse collection management is out of their hands.”

A reminder of what this Labour Administration offered back in 2015 is below, don’t fall for their lies and hollow promises in the 2019 elections.