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Platts Plays Politics?

Cllr Platts & Jeremy Corbyn
Cllr Platts & Jeremy Corbyn

In city Chambers tonight Cllr Nancy Platts proposed a Notice of Motion asking for a plan to be developed by trade unions, Brighton & Hove City Council, and other stakeholders to end unpaid trial shifts.

Double Standards?

Whilst her Notice of Motion lacked real substance, and needed amending by The Conservative Group of Councillors, it seems to be a noble aim. Funny then that Cllr Platts did not see fit to criticise Jeremy Corbyn (pictured with Cllr Platts above), for not paying bar staff working at his ill-fated and woefully unsuccessful Labour Live event (or ‘Jezz Fest’ as it was subsequently branded).

Champagne Socialist?

It seems double standards are an inherent quality of Cllr Platts, seen here quaffing Champagne with fellow Momentum activist Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP.

Cllr Platts keeps Champagne Socialism alive and well!
Cllr Platts keeps Champagne Socialism alive and well!

Whilst the Conservatives could support the Notice of Motion, the complete failure to specify a consultation with ALL groups – Voluntary, private, and public – meant your Conservative councillors needed to table an amendment that ensures the report, which is called for, ensures the best outcome for the many, and not the unionised few.

Bar Staff Will Work for Free at Labour Live