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Conservatives Invest £140,000 in Services for Young People in Our City


In this financial year The Conservatives, through the Department for Education (DfE), have given a grant of £50,138 to Brighton & Hove City Council (BHCC). The Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Preparation for Employment Grant should be used to encourage and improve supported internships, working in partnership with education providers and employers to set-up a Supported Internship Forum. It should also provide job coach training to increase the pool of coaches to support young people with SEND on work placements.

Conservatives Secure £90,000 Additional Funding For Young People

The Conservative Group in Brighton and Hove also secured £90,000 additional investment in services for young people at this year’s Budget Council. The Conservatives tabled an amendment to the poorly planned 2018/19 budget, which the chaotic Labour Administration weakly presented; the Conservative amendment was passed, and it was agreed that additional funding of £90,000 should be allocated to support SEND young people into sustainable employment.

It Is The Conservatives That Deliver For Young People

Cllr Vanessa Brown
Cllr Vanessa Brown

Speaking outside Hove Town Hall, following this evening’s meeting of the Children, Young People, and Skills Committee (CYPS), the Conservative Spokeswoman for CYPS – Cllr Vanessa Brown – said “These two substantial injections of cash prove that both locally and nationally it is the Conservatives that deliver for young people overall, and youngsters with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in particular. There is only one way to secure the prosperous future that our next generations deserve, and that is to vote Conservative.”