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Win For Hove Beach Hut Association

Cllr Nemeth & members of Hove Beach Hut Association
Cllr Nemeth & members of Hove Beach Hut Association

Cllr Robert Nemeth’s request to the leader of the council, to drop the sales tax rise on beach huts, has been adopted; at least for now.

Cllr Robert Nemeth (Wish Ward) is the Conservative Group Spokesman for the Neighbourhoods, Inclusion, Communities, and Equalities Committee, and he also sits on the Tourism, Development and Culture Committee; he  was in City Chambers, on Thursday 27th September 2018, continuing his long running campaign to defend the rights and interests of beach hut owners.

Hove Beach Hut Association Formed

Some months back Cllr Nemeth pledged to form an official grouping of beach hut owners and, after working with a dedicated group to make it happen, he announced to the Chamber that, on Friday 21st September, Hove Beach Hut Association (HBHA) was officially formed. HBHA is a non-political group that is representative of all hut owners.

Cllr Robert Nemeth
Cllr Robert Nemeth

Speaking in the Chamber Cllr Robert Nemeth said “The hope is that it [HBHA] will evolve into a group that operates like the Allotment Federation. It will therefore help the Council, and hopefully be congratulated and embraced today. But it will need some support from us whilst it is at this fledgling stage.”

Call For Clarity

During his speech Cllr Nemeth called for greater clarity regarding what constitutes a transfer, asking “would the transfer from a deceased mother to her son trigger the transfer fee?” before going on to address another contentious issue “…the one month eviction rule is extremely unfair, especially if an increased sales tax is proposed for the future. Some give and take here is right and proper.”

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