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Conservatives Welcome Rethink On Trains


Local Conservatives have led the charge, as always, in Brighton & Hove City Council on the issue of infrequent services and poor access at Preston Park Station. As a Member for the Ward in which the station is situated , Cllr Nick Taylor has followed the group action up with his own lobbying of Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR). Speaking outside Hove Town Hall, Cllr Nick Taylor (Withdean Ward) said “I am pleased that together with the local community, and the local MP, we have achieved a much needed rethink on the issue of services and access at Preston Park Station.”

Cllr Nick Taylor
Cllr Nick Taylor

“I welcome this rethink over the decimation of train services to Ppl which is a vital hub for residents in Withdean and indeed the whole of North Brighton” 

Cllr Taylor went on to say “However, there is more to do, particularly in respect of accuracy of ticketing data – which will influence future service plans, and access to the station.”