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Cllr Taylor Writes to Chief Exec on Behalf of Frustrated Withdean Residents

Cllr Taylor and frustrated Withdean residents
Cllr Taylor and frustrated Withdean residents

Local Conservative Cllr Nick Taylor has this week written to Brighton and Hove City Council Chief Executive Geoff Raw outlining the need for urgent action to tackle the growing frustrations of residents regarding parking issues in the Surrenden Road area.

The letter, which Cllr Taylor requested be included in the next agenda of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee says:

Last year I lobbied committee members to ask that the Council revisit its plan to begin work on a consultation in the Surrenden Road area in 2020. However, the parking situation has only deteriorated further in that time and resident frustration is growing.

I do not need to rehash the reasons why parking is problematic here; other than to reiterate the point that the committee has approved several schemes over the years seemingly without thought or consequence of the likely impact on this area of Withdean ward.

At a recent public meeting I heard resident frustration loud and clear. The matter is doubly important as any road redesign from the implementation of a parking scheme can be used to enhance the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. I am sure the committee is aware that there are five schools in the area and numerous nurseries so this is of paramount importance to me.

I therefore request that the committee review the parking timetable with a view to begin work immediately on the Surrenden Road area consultation to tackle these interlinked issues.

At the public meeting a number of residents felt that the area wasn’t being listened to. Committee, please prove them wrong.

As requested, the letter was read during ETS Committee on 19 March 2019.