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Labour’s Broken Promises 🗑♻️🚯🚮


Labour Are Like The Orchestra Fiddling Away As The Titanic Goes Under

Cllr Wares - Environment Spokesman
Cllr Wares – Environment Spokesman

“Our City is a mess, litter is the norm, graffiti is everywhere, recycling rates nose diving.

“Labour’s so-called plan is devoid of any significant detail, the causes of problems are not discussed, sustainable solutions are not presented, there is no financial detail, no value for money assessment, no measurable objectives, no performance indicators. In fact nothing – it merely says there is a problem and we are fixing it. It suggests things have improved. Labour are like the orchestra fiddling away as the Titanic goes under.”

Cllr Warren Morgan

Speaking in 2015, the then Leader of BHCC said: “We will lead a Labour council which will implement the sensible policies we put to voters having listened to them on the issues that matter to them: getting our basic refuse, recycling and street cleaning running properly…”

Conservative Success

A Notice of Motion tabled by the Conservatives has been unanimously accepted and is a huge, positive step forward in tackling our City’s refuse and recycling problems. The Conservatives called for, and secured:

✅ A report for the Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee that details precisely the sustainable solutions to enable refuse, recycling and green waste collections occurring on the published days.

✅ That the report include actual measures to deal with other issues that were sent to Policy, Resources and Growth Committee on 12th July 2018 (agenda item 11) as well as detailing the constraints and restrictions that prevent modernisation.

✅ That the report further include financial and performance analysis of the commercial waste and garden waste services against their respective previously approved business plans and financial forecasts.

The Long Suffering Workforce Are Not To Blame

Cllr Steve Bell OBE

“Who is to blame? Without doubt it is not the the long suffering workforce, who are having to be on the frontline and greeted by disillusioned residents. The workforce of CityClean are to be applauded and thanked as each and every day they go into work, they know they cannot fulfil their employment because the refuse collection management is out of their hands.”

A reminder of what this Labour Administration offered back in 2015 is below, don’t fall for their lies and hollow promises in the 2019 elections.


Platts Plays Politics?

Cllr Platts & Jeremy Corbyn
Cllr Platts & Jeremy Corbyn

In city Chambers tonight Cllr Nancy Platts proposed a Notice of Motion asking for a plan to be developed by trade unions, Brighton & Hove City Council, and other stakeholders to end unpaid trial shifts.

Double Standards?

Whilst her Notice of Motion lacked real substance, and needed amending by The Conservative Group of Councillors, it seems to be a noble aim. Funny then that Cllr Platts did not see fit to criticise Jeremy Corbyn (pictured with Cllr Platts above), for not paying bar staff working at his ill-fated and woefully unsuccessful Labour Live event (or ‘Jezz Fest’ as it was subsequently branded).

Champagne Socialist?

It seems double standards are an inherent quality of Cllr Platts, seen here quaffing Champagne with fellow Momentum activist Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP.

Cllr Platts keeps Champagne Socialism alive and well!
Cllr Platts keeps Champagne Socialism alive and well!

Whilst the Conservatives could support the Notice of Motion, the complete failure to specify a consultation with ALL groups – Voluntary, private, and public – meant your Conservative councillors needed to table an amendment that ensures the report, which is called for, ensures the best outcome for the many, and not the unionised few.

Bar Staff Will Work for Free at Labour Live

Bricks Versus Clicks

Cllr Mears. Housing Committee.
Cllr Mary Mears

Speaking in City Chambers, at a meeting of Full Council, Cllr Mary Mears has asked what Labour can offer our hardworking entrepreneurs, who are striving to succeed on the streets of our city.

Conservatives Support Local Businesses

The last decade has seen the greatest ever change in retail. Consumer spending has moved significantly from bricks to clicks. Shops are struggling to compete against online businesses that sell directly to the public without the traditional overheads associated with high street trading. Conservatives believe high streets are here to stay for the long term. Conservatives introduced over £10 billion worth of business rate support. A Conservative Government gave £18 million to projects, including The Great British High Street scheme, supporting regeneration and celebrating innovative work going on across the country.

Labour Chancellor Vows to End Private Business

Brighton & Hove Cllr Platts & Marxist John McDonnell MP
Brighton & Hove Cllr Platts & Marxist John McDonnell MP

The Labour Shadow Chancellor, when defending his support for socialist Venezuela, has repeatedly – on record – promised to pursue the overthrow of capitalism



Cllr Janio Steps-up Pressure With Hospital For Hove


At a meeting in City Chambers of the Health and Wellbeing Board, on Tuesday 10th July 2018, Cllr Tony Janio submitted a letter calling for a feasibility study into his proposed Hospital for Hove.


Cllr Steve Bell CBE at Woodingdean Carnival


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Conservatives Drive Better i360 Deal


Conservatives Make i360 Pay Full Costs

At a Special Meeting, Policy, Resources & Growth Committee
Thursday, 28th June, 2018 4.00pm
 A Conservative Group amendment Instructed Officers to seek to recover the full costs (£50,000) of commissioning a specialist commercial adviser to provide advice and options for a long-term loan restructuring. Part of the £50,000 will also be used to procure additional support (such as a Commercial Advisor with specialist experience of visitor attractions) for the i360 management and Board; to help them improve the financial performance of the i360. Thanks to the Conservative amendment these costs will be met by Brighton i360 Ltd and are added to the existing debt.

Conservatives Highlight Poor Communication Process

Cllr Andrew Wealls, Conservative Finance Spokesman
Cllr Wealls

Cllr Andrew Wealls (Conservative Group Finance Spokesman) pointed out that Members had not been kept fully informed, and in some cases were not told at all, about problems with the i360; he sought assurances that going forward this would be done at the earliest opportunity.

Conservatives Demand Faster Repayment

The Conservative amendment also requested that Officers seek to negotiate, as part of the restructuring deal, agreement that BHCC will receive 25% of ticket sales, over an agreed level of visitor numbers. This was a very important addition and means Council Tax payer’s money is returned faster if visitor numbers exceed projections.

Conservatives Fight For City’s Finances

Conservative Councillors instructed Officers to present a progress report, to the October meeting of the Finance Committee, which outlines a full range of restructuring options that seeks to reduce the financial and reputational risk to the Council.

Keep Residents Updated

Finally the Conservative amendment requested that should there be a material change of circumstances an urgency PRG committee be convened.

Cllr Tony Janio
Cllr Tony Janio

Speaking after the meeting Councillor Tony Janio, Leader of The Conservative Group, said: “The public need to know we are not forgetting any of the debt.

“What we are doing is restructuring the debt profile and that goes on in many businesses throughout the UK and the City of London.”


Conservative Sparks Ignited Citywide Charging Infrastructure


At a meeting of The Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee, on Tuesday 26th June (2018) in City Chambers, Cllr Lee Wares – the Conservative Group spokesman for the Committee – pointed out that it is the Conservative Government who have provided the funding that will enable a massive expansion of the electric vehicle charging point network throughout Brighton and Hove.

Conservatives Established First Charging Points

Way back in 2009, when they were in Administration, it was the Conservatives that installed the very first electric vehicle charging points in our city. It is the Conservatives that sparked this initiative, and it is Conservatives that will drive it further and create a city fit for the future.

More details of the Conservative funding can be found here.

Conservatives Fight For Beach Hut Owners

Beach huts around Hove Plinth

At a meeting of the Tourism, Development, and Culture Committee (TDC), in City Chambers on June 21st, Conservative Councillors spoke out against the Labour Administration’s disgraceful treatment of Beach Hut owners, and the way in which a new licence has been drawn-up and implemented.

Conservatives Prove Increase Not Possible Under Existing Terms

Robert Nemeth
Cllr Robert Nemeth

Cllr Robert Nemeth, who sits on the TDC, has long been a defender of beach hut owners’ rights, and he was instrumental in identifying that the terms and conditions of the (existing) beach hut licence did not enable such an increase of the transfer fee.

Conservatives Demand Proper Consideration

Cllr Mary Mears and Cllr Robert Nemeth, both Conservative, submitted an amendment to Agenda Item 13 (of TDC on 21st June 2018), calling for the Committee to postpone the approval of the new beach hut licences. They requested “That the committee defers the item to the next meeting of the committee so that the proposed new licence agreement may be properly considered.”

Amendment Passed!

The Green Members of TDC saw the sense in taking time to give proper consideration to the proposed new licence agreement. The Conservative Group amendment was accepted, and now this item has been deferred to the next meeting of TDC – which is on the 27th September 2018.

Speaking after the Committee meeting, Cllr Robert Nemeth said “I’m delighted that fellow committee members agreed with me that beach hut owners hadn’t been consulted and that the matter should be deferred so that consultation can take place. Threatening beach hut owners with eviction is plain wrong – especially when the Council was in the wrong all along.”

Citywide Assessment into Impact of Multiple Occupancy Homes


At a meeting of the Tourism, Development, and Culture Committee (TDC), in City Chambers on June 21st, Councillor Mary Mears sought assurances that Rottingdean Coastal Ward would be properly evaluated in the upcoming evidence gathering exercise to assess the impact of Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) in our city.

Conservatives Support Residents’ Association

Cllr Mary Mears, Cllr Lynda Hyde, and Cllr Joe Miller – all Conservatives – represent the Rottingdean Coastal Ward. In response to a request from the Black Rock Residents Association (BRRA) the Conservative Councillors demanded assurances, in the City’s Council Chamber, that residents in the Rottingdean Coastal Ward would be given due consideration in this year’s report recommending where to initiate the process of extending the Article 4 Direction. An Article 4 Direction overrides the permitted development rights relating to changes of use from dwelling-houses to small HMOs.