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Labour Administration Fail To Deliver Basic Services


Conservative Councillors are pleading with the Labour Administration to take action before a public health crisis hits our city.

Residents Wait More Than Six Weeks For Recycling To Be Cleared

The Administration have failed to meet their promise to clear a backlog of bin collections. Labour’s failure to meet its recycling targets is disgraceful enough, but now we know that some residents have waited in excess of six weeks to have their recycling cleared.

Cllr. Lee Wares
Cllr. Lee Wares

“As the grandson of somebody who worked for decades as a refuse collector in our City, I can understand how disheartening it must be for the crews that collect our refuse and recycling. It is inexcusable for the Labour Administration to fail in delivering basic services. It is time for Labour to stop feeding false hope and promise about when rubbish will stop piling up in our streets and get a grip of the situation. Alas, this will not be the only time that the City will suffer whilst Labour has its eye off the ball.”

Patcham – Hollingbury – Portslade Abandoned For 3 Weeks

Residents in the Wards of Patcham, Hollingbury, and Portslade have been waiting three weeks to have their bins collected. The situation is now so bad that there is genuine fear of a public health crisis. Seagulls and foxes are ripping bags and tipping bins, spreading refuse across streets and attracting rats.

Toxic Relationship Between Labour Council Leadership & GMB

Cllr Wealls. Conservative Finance Spokesman
Cllr Andrew Wealls

“Residents are fed up with the disastrous way the Labour Administration has manged Cityclean. Every week there is a different excuse. I suspect the toxic relationship between the Council’s Leadership and the GMB may go some way to explaining this shambles. I would have hoped they would have got more for the £200k of tax payers’ money the Labour Council gives the unions every year in the hope it may have contributed to delivering a better service. A vain hope indeed.”

Cllr Steve Bell
Cllr Steve Bell

The Deputy Leader of The Conservative Group, Cllr Steve Bell, said “The hard work and dedication of the workers at Cityclean is being undermined by the Labour Administration’s inability to take control of this situation. The lack of oversight has led to our residents being let down, and the cost to taxpayers for cleaning up this mess is unacceptable.”

Conservatives Force Labour to Enact Additional School Safety Measures


Conservatives raised the issue of a lack in sufficient parking enforcement teams for the suburbs of our City, and in particular around our schools. The Conservative Group welcomes the Council’s proposal to recruit more officers. It is however a shame that the Labour Administration’s lack of initiative required the solution to be forced on them by Conservative Councillors. We also welcome the proposal to consolidate guidance to schools that is currently a disconnected mess.

Conservatives Force Additional School Parking Enforcement

Regretfully, the Labour Administration has failed to deal with two key solutions proposed by the Conservative Group. Unless enhanced traffic regulations are applied around our schools, enforcement officers will be limited, as they are now, in dealing with parking infringements. At ETS Committee, we will table an amendment to correct this and give enforcement officers the tools with which to do the job. 

The Council Owes A Duty Of Care To Its Work Force

Equally we are dismayed that Labour have discounted providing body worn cameras to patrol crossing officers. The Council owes a duty of care to its work force and body worn cameras will help limit the abuse that crossing officers receive whilst just trying to ensure children can safely cross the road. We hope that the Administration will support our second amendment.

Conservatives Are The Party Of Action For Green Issues



Cllr Steve Bell
Cllr Steve Bell

The Conservative Group Deputy Leader, Cllr Steve Bell, spoke to The Argus in response to The Green MP’s comments: “Ms Lucas may say she’s not happy with the policies and that they are slow, but the Conservative government has really pushed for better green policies to be in place. I want to note that these schemes did not exist in the last administration.

“Theresa May has only been in office for 19 months and she has achieved so much in a short period of time. Examples include reducing pesticides in food and developed strategies to tackle littering.

“It’s easy to criticise but bringing in and implementing new policies take time. The Conservatives are working really hard to improve the country’s environment.

“Last November we put forward a motion to end the use of single use plastic in Brighton and this will be discussed at a committee meeting this month.”

In under two years, The Conservative Government has:

  • Implimented a World-Leading Microbeads Ban
  • Implimented a 25 Year Environment Plan
  • Successfully Tackled Air Pollution – Seeing Drastic Reductions
  • Become World Leaders In Manufacture/Sale Of Electric Vehicles
  • Started Cutting The Number Of Diesel Cars
  • Extended The Blue Belt To Protect Seabirds
  • Consulted To Ban Ivory Sale & Import
  • Announced Ban On Pesticides That Harm Bees
  • Introduced Ban On Single Use Plastics In Parliament

We would ask the Greens not to talk these achievements down, but to support us both Nationally and Locally to ensure real environmental change which will affect all our lives.

During their time in Administration here in Brighton and Hove, The Green Party presided over the biggest drop in recycling rates to date. The most recent environmental initiative to be passed in City Chambers was a Conservative Motion – Proposed by our very own Steve Bell – and called for the banning of single use plastics. The Conservative Group’s green credentials here in our City have been mirrored by National initiatives from The Conservative Government.

The Green Party Talk The Talk – They Fail To Act

The Conservatives are the Party of action when it comes to environmental action. It is sad to hear The Green Party’s only MP berating our achievements. We would ask the Greens not to talk these achievements down, but to support us both Nationally and Locally to ensure real environmental change which will affect all our lives

World-Leading Microbeads Ban Takes Effect

A ban on the manufacture of products containing microbeads has come into force – a landmark step in the introduction of one of the world’s toughest bans on these harmful pieces of plastic.

The Conservative Government announced that manufacturers of cosmetics and personal care products will no longer be able to add tiny pieces of plastic known as ‘microbeads’ to rinse-off products such as face scrubs, toothpastes and shower gels.

These damaging beads can cause serious harm to marine life, but the UK’s ban – praised by campaigners as one of the toughest in the world – will help to stop billions of microbeads ending up in the ocean every year. Alongside the success of the government’s 5p plastic bag charge – which has taken nine billion bags out of circulation – the ban puts the UK at the forefront of international efforts to crack down on plastic pollution.

A ban on the sale of products containing microbeads will follow.

Michael Gove announces UK backing for a total ban on insect-harming pesticides in fields across Europe.


A Green Future

Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment’, sets out what we will do to improve the environment, within a generation.

The Environment Agency’s new Plastics and Sustainability team will work with businesses, councils and community action groups to reduce plastic pollution.

Conservative Councillors in Brighton and Hove are leading the way, read their Notice of Motion HERE.

Conservatives Successfully Tackling Air Polution

There has been a long term decrease in the emissions of all of the significant air pollutants (ammonia, nitrogen oxides, non-methane volatile organic compounds,
particulate matter (PM10, PM2.5) and sulphur dioxide). Emissions of sulphur dioxide decreased by 29 per cent from 2015 to 2016, dropping to the lowest level in the time series. Emissions of nitrogen oxides decreased in 2016 compared to 2015 by 10 per cent, dropping to the lowest level in the time series. Emissions of non-methane volatile organic compounds are continuing to decline, by 2.0 per cent between 2015 and 2016. The rate of decline was most pronounced in the 1990s and early 2000s and has slowed in recent years. PM10 emissions have remained relatively static over the past five years but decreased by 1.9 per cent from 2015 to 2016. PM2.5 emissions decreased by 3.7 per cent between 2015 and 2016. 2016 emissions are the lowest level in the time series.

The UK continues to meet current international and EU ceilings for emissions of ammonia,
non-methane volatile organic compounds and sulphur dioxide. The Gothenburg Protocol
under the UNECE Convention on Long-range Trans-boundary Air Pollution was revised in
2012 to set new emission ceilings to apply from 2020.

Conservatives Corrected Labour Failure

Latest data suggests that the UK exceeded the current international and EU ceiling for
nitrogen oxides for the year 2010 only, but since the Conservatives took Office the UK came back into compliance from 2011 onward.

We Are A World-Leader In The Manufacture Of Electric Vehicles

Speaking at London Wetland Centre ealier this year Conservative Prime Minister, Theresa May, said: “We are investing in electric vehicle infrastructure and new charging technologies, supporting the roll-out of low carbon buses, and expanding cycling and walking infrastructure.

“In July we published our plan to tackle traffic pollution and we will end the sale of new conventional petrol and diesel cars by 2040.

“In the last Budget we announced a £220 million Clean Air Fund, paid for by tax changes to company car tax and vehicle excise duty on new diesel cars.

“This year, we will set out how government will support the transition to almost all cars and vans being zero emission vehicles by 2050.

“And the UK will host an international zero-emission vehicle summit, driving innovation towards cleaner transport.

“I am determined that we will do what it takes to ensure our air is clean and safe for the future.

Blue Belt Extended To Protect Seabirds

The Conservative Government has announced two new marine Special Protection Areas and extensions to four other sites to safeguard rare seabirds.

Nearly 150,000 rare seabirds – including the iconic little tern and black-throated diver – will be better protected as the UK’s ‘Blue Belt’ of marine protected areas extends by over 650 square miles.

Ivory Ban

The Conservative Government is seeking to introduce a total ban on UK sales of ivory that could contribute either directly or indirectly to the continued poaching of elephants. This will include the banning of imports. The consultation ended in December 2017 and action will be taken based on results.

These are just a few of the outstanding achievements your Local and National Conservatives have had in under two years. Your environment is being improved and protected by The Conservative Party. For the first time ever, future generations will inherit an environment that is in a better state than that of their forbears.

Again: We would ask the Greens not to talk these achievements down, but to support us both Nationally and Locally to ensure real environmental change which will affect all our lives.

Are There Virtues To Vaping?


Vaping Endorsed By Health Experts

E-cigarettes contain nicotine but not many of the harmful substances produced by smoking tobacco, such as tar or carbon monoxide. However, there has been debate about exactly how safe their long-term use is.

The study, involving 181 smokers or ex-smokers, has been described as “landmark” as it is thought to be the first (or at least one of the first) looking at long-term vaping outcomes in “real world” users. Previous studies of this kind have mainly relied on laboratory equipment, or animal research, to estimate the long-term effects of e-cigarettes.

The volunteers completed questionnaires and provided breath, saliva and urine samples. The researchers found significantly lower levels of toxic chemicals and cancer-causing substances (carcinogens) in the samples of those of former smokers who had been using e-cigarettes or nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)compared to current smokers.

Another noted result is that current smokers who may be trying to reduce their risk of harm by switching between e-cigarettes and normal cigarettes may be saving money, but doing little for their health. “Combination users” still had very high levels of toxins and carcinogens

This study provides evidence that e-cigarettes and NRT can reduce harm to smokers by reducing exposure to toxic chemicals. The evidence would also seem to support Public Health England’s 2015 report that “E-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco”.

Cllr Nicholas Taylor
Cllr Nicholas Taylor

Conservative Spokesman for Health and Wellbeing, Cllr Nicholas Taylor, said “It is vital that we make sure residents in our city have the best advice based on medical evidence, and not get swayed by unfounded controversy in the news. Brighton and Hove has a problem with smoking, and it is clear that we need to start looking at alternatives to improve health outcomes, particularly for our most vulnerable residents. I have put a link with details of local services to help with stopping smoking at the bottom of this article.”

 The Study Involved Researchers From Several Institutions

The study was carried out by researchers from a number of institutions, including University College London, and the Roswell Park Cancer Institute and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (both in the US). Funding was provided by Cancer Research UK.

The study was published in the peer-reviewed journal: Annals of Internal Medicine.

There has been much discussion over the benefits of vaping over conventional smoking methods and this is the first long-term study assessing these effects. In general the findings have been reported accurately in the UK media; however none of the limitations, as described by the researchers themselves, have been mentioned.

The Daily Mirror included a quote from professor Kevin Fenton, national director of health and wellbeing at Public Health England, who added: “This study provides further evidence that switching to e-cigarettes can significantly reduce harm to smokers, with greatly reduced exposure to carcinogens and toxins.”

What Kind Of Research Was This?

This was a cross-sectional study that drew comparisons on exposure to nicotine and other tobacco-related toxins and carcinogens in the following groups:

  • current cigarette smokers who only smoked cigarettes
  • current cigarette smokers who also used e-cigarettes
  • current cigarette smokers who also use other forms of nicotine replacement therapies (NRT), such as skin patches or gum
  • former smokers who were now using only e-cigarettes
  • former smokers who were now using only NRT

Limitations to this study design include the possibility of recall bias as participants provide information about their smoking habits through a questionnaire. There is also the possibility of residual confounding from other unmeasured factors so findings may not be entirely accurate.

What Did The Research Involve?

The researchers recruited participants from Greater London by placing advertisements in newspapers and online, posters in pharmacies and though marketing companies.

To be able to join the study participants had to be either:

  • a current smoker, who has smoked an average of five or more cigarettes per day for at least six months
  • a former smoker, who has stopped using tobacco products for at least six months

Researchers aimed to assess the effects of long-term use of non-combustible nicotine delivery – that is NRT or e-cigarettes – for a minimum of six months. They compared:

  • current smokers of cigarettes only
  • combination smokers – cigarette smokers also using an e-cigarette or NRT
  • former smokers using e-cigarettes-only or NRT-only

Participants were asked to visit a laboratory after not eating, drinking, or using combustible cigarettes or other nicotine products for an hour before their visit. During the appointment the participants filled in a questionnaire including questions on sociodemographic and smoking characteristics.

Breath, saliva, and urine samples were taken, which were assessed for levels of nicotine and other carcinogenic or toxic chemicals.

This included tobacco specific nitrosamines (TSNAs), which are one of the most important carcinogens in tobacco formed from nicotine. They also looked at a class of toxins called volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as acrylamide and cyanide-releasing acrylonitrile.

Analyses were adjusted for smoking history, sociodemographic variables, physical health and subjective wellbeing.

What Were The Basic Results?

A total of 181 participants were included in the study.

Significantly lower levels of cancer causing chemicals, TSNAs and VOCs were found in samples from former smokers using e-cigarettes only or NRT only, compared with current smokers. Their levels were lower than both those who smoked cigarettes only, or smokers using either e-cigarette or NRT alongside cigarettes.

Former smokers using e-cigarettes only had significantly lower levels of the toxic chemical NNAL (a by-product of exposure to TSNAs) than all other groups. This was equivalent to a 97% reduction compared with the levels of cigarette-only users.

Current smokers of combustible cigarettes only, and current smokers also using NRT or e–cigarettes, had similar levels of the tobacco-related toxins and carcinogens.

Looking at nicotine, levels in urine samples were broadly similar across groups. There was though some variation in salvia levels, with e-cigarette-only users, and those using NRT while continuing to smoke cigarettes had slightly lower nicotine levels than other groups.

How Did The Researchers Interpret The Results?

The researchers conclude: “Former smokers with long-term e-cigarette-only or NRT-only use may obtain roughly similar levels of nicotine compared with smokers of combustible cigarettes only, but results varied. Long-term NRT-only and e-cigarette-only use, but not dual use of NRTs or e-cigarettes with combustible cigarettes, is associated with substantially reduced levels of measured carcinogens and toxins relative to smoking only combustible cigarettes”.


This cross-sectional study aimed to assess whether there are differences in levels of nicotine and toxic chemicals in cigarette smokers, and former or current smokers who are also long-term users of e-cigarettes or NRT.

E-cigarettes are designed for users to inhale nicotine without most of the harmful effects of smoking. There has been much discussion over the benefits of vaping over conventional smoking methods and this is the first long-term study assessing these effects.

The main findings are not that surprising – former smokers who have now switched to using e-cigarettes or NRT only have significantly lower levels of toxins than those who continue to smoke regular cigarettes.

However, the study has limitations.

  • while attempts were made to control for confounders, it is possible that other unmeasured factors are influencing the results
  • this was a self-selected sample and therefore findings may not be generalisable to the whole population of former or current smokers
  • indirect exposure to cigarette smoking could not be accounted for in this research
  • the study is not able to assess the comparative effectiveness of NRT or e-cigarettes as aids to smoking cessation

The findings of this study do appear to reassure that use of e-cigarettes and nicotine replacement therapy – while continuing to provide nicotine – can reduce exposure to toxic chemicals that can lead to cancer in cigarette smokers.

However, this is only if you completely stop smoking – using e-cigarettes or NRT while continuing to smoke won’t help.

Smokers who want to stop smoking can get help from NHS stop smoking services, which can reduce their risk of smoking-related disease and death.

Read more about smoking cessation services in Brighton and Hove: HERE

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National Apprenticeship Week – 5th to 9th March 2018


Employers & Apprentices Come Together

During Apprenticeship Week employers and apprentices from across England will come together to celebrate the success of apprenticeships, whilst encouraging even more people to choose apprenticeships as a pathway to a great career.

The theme for the #NAW2018 is ‘Apprenticeships Work’. Showcasing how apprenticeships work:

  • for individuals
  • for employers
  • for the community
  • for the wider economy

Events In Our City

Cllr Vanessa Brown
Cllr Vanessa Brown

The Conservative Spokesperson for Children, Young People, and Skills Committee, Cllr Vanessa Brown, said “I’m delighted to see so many of our City’s young people benefitting from apprenticeship schemes. There are also a number of events in Brighton and Hove during Apprenticeship Week that should prove excellent for both apprentices and employers alike. I have detailed these events below.”

ASK Project

Apprenticeship Information Session

06 Mar 2018 08:50 AM

Benfield Primary School
255 Old Shoreham Rd
Brighton BN41 1XS

Apprentices Make Things Happen

Employer Networking Event

06 Mar 2018 12:30 PM

Freedom Works – Creative Hub
Hove Business Centre
Fonthill Rd
Hove BN3 6HA

Are skills shortages affecting the Growth of your business?

Apprenticeship Information Session

06 Mar 2018 06:00 PM

Brighton BN2 4AT

How Apprenticeships Work Apprentice Open Evening

Apprenticeship Information Session

07 Mar 2018 04:00 PM

(Floor 2) Imperial House
40-42 Queens Rd
Brighton BN1 3XB

How Apprenticeships Work Employer Event

Employer Networking Event

09 Mar 2018 08:00 AM

(Floor 2) Imperial House
40-42 Queens Rd
Brighton BN1 3XB
National Apprenticeship Celebration Event

Apprenticeship Information Session

09 Mar 2018 11:00 AM

Sussex Community NHS Trust
Elm Grove
Brighton BN2 3EW
Brighton & Hove Apprenticeship Graduation

Apprenticeship Awards Ceremony

09 Mar 2018 05:00 PM

American Express Community Stadium
Village Way
Brighton BN1 9BL

National Apprenticeship Service

The National Apprenticeship Service is part of the Education and Skills Funding Agency, which is an executive agency of DfE. We coordinate and promote the delivery of apprenticeships in England.




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Cllr Robert Nemeth Talks Budget, Building & Labour’s Bungling

Cllr Robert Nemeth
Cllr Robert Nemeth

Delays Damage The Local Economy

The argument is straightforward. Every day, week, month or year of delay with any tax-raising project increases officer costs and reduces tax yield. Delays damage the local economy and reduce the quality of precious public services.

We Miss Out On A Tax Yield Of Approximately £1 Million Annually

In the case of the proposed King Alfred, with approximately 600 flats and a number of business units, we are missing out on a tax yield in the region of £1 million annually. This is over twice the amount that the Conservative Group has bargained from Labour for youth services – a quite staggering sum that would make a huge difference to the budget – every year.

Read Cllr Nemeth’s full budget speech by clicking here.

Hypocrisy of the highest order!


Brighton & Hove must be fed up to the back teeth with politicians who say one thing in Opposition, and another thing when in power.

This year, Brighton & Hove City Council has endured some of the worst examples. In 2014 Labour’s ex-leader Warren Morgan brought a ‘No Confidence’ motion against the then Green administration; citing in-fighting, squabbling and an unaffordable 4.75% Council Tax rise as his reasons.  Any casual reader of our local press knows he has been kicked out by in-fighting in his own local Labour Party, after saddling the city with a 6% Council Tax rise!

The Last Green Administration Cut £500,000 From Budget

Green Leader, Councillor Phelim Mac Cafferty, slammed Labour councillors for voting against one of his proposals, which would have restored £30k of Labour’s £70k cut to home to school transport for disabled children. Yet the last Green Administration cut £500,000 from that budget!

Funding Trades Unions With Tax-Payers’ Money To The Tune Of £200k Each Year

A Labour Councillor berated the Greens for cutting £14k from respite breaks for families with disabled children just before the 2015 election, only to see her own party cutting a staggering £386k from budgets over three years in power; whilst funding trades unions with tax-payers’ money to the tune of £200k a year.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle Tried To Shut Down Youth Services

Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP boasts of saving the youth service whilst actually trying to shut it down when he was a councillor.

Conservative Councillors Secured Additional Funding For Youth Services

Conservative Councillors at Hove Town Hall
Conservative Group Secures Half a Million Pounds for Youth Services

Your Conservative Councillors secured additional funding for youth services last week, full details can be read here – but in brief, Conservatives saved: short breaks and day support for young people with learning disabilities, Independent visitors for Children in Care, Additional mental & emotional support for Young People, Neighbourhood Youth Work, Skills & employment support for Young People with SEND, the Youth Bus service, Support for Unaccompanied Asylum Seekers, and Substance Misuse rehabilitation.

Disingenuous Labour MP?

Cllr Wealls. Conservative Finance Spokesman
Cllr Wealls. Conservative Finance Spokesman

“I’m wondering what Peter Kyle will say in the next election; he calmed our nerves last time by saying Corbyn didn’t have a cat in Hell’s chance of becoming PM. If Momentum doesn’t boot him out for this crime beforehand, what on earth will he say to his electorate next time?”

Cllr Robert Nemeth’s Speech In City Chambers For Budget 2018

Cllr Robert Nemeth
Cllr Robert Nemeth

I’d like to raise concerns about the delays that our city is experiencing under Labour – with regard to major projects locally, and to put the delays into a financial context.


Members know that I take a particular interest in King Alfred but my comments apply equally to King’s House and Circus Street, which Cllr Geoffrey Theobald and I have raised many times in the past.

Delays Damage The Local Economy

The argument is straightforward. Every day, week, month or year of delay with any tax-raising project increases officer costs and reduces tax yield. Delays damage the local economy and reduce the quality of precious public services.

We Miss Out On A Tax Yield Of Approximately £1 Million Annually

In the case of the proposed King Alfred, with approximately 600 flats and a number of business units, we are missing out on a tax yield in the region of £1 million annually. This is over twice the amount that the Conservative Group has bargained from Labour for youth services – a quite staggering sum that would make a huge difference to the budget – every year.

Missing Out On A Further £300,000 Annually

In the case of King’s House, potentially with 172 flats, we’re missing out on something like £300,000 annually. Every month of no progress is costing us £25,000 – an amount equivalent to the complete refurbishment of Hove Lagoon which is close to my own heart.

A Fundamental Misunderstanding Of Private Sector

“Why is Labour responsible?” is a fair question. These projects take time after all, and these are uncertain times. The answer is a fundamental misunderstanding of a ruthless private sector. The Administration has blindly tried to adopt a right-wing approach across all policy areas with regard to its links with the private sector. But the pitfalls do not seem to have been understood.

Multi-Million-Pound Bail-Out From Conservative Government

At the King Alfred, where we should be seeing efficiency, expertise and creative flair, we are getting the worst of all worlds – a multi-million-pound bail-out from central government and still no contract signed.

Circus Street Losses Now In The Millions £

At King’s House, we saw a sale agreed with no deposit taken. It collapsed at a cost to the Council of hundreds of thousands of pounds. At Circus Street, losses are now in the millions.

Cllr Robert Nemeth

Private Sector Must Be Harnessed For The Good It Can Do

If this right-wing approach is to continue, the private sector must be harnessed for the good that it can do, rather than it profiteering from us. Corporations are currently running rings around us, and costing us millions.

This Situation Is Completely Unacceptable

If we are going to pick partners for future projects, it must be on our terms, with defined start times, hefty deposits, and penalties for non-delivery. As it stands, we are unwittingly aiding in the practice of land-banking; paying out for maintenance costs; and missing out on council tax and business rates. This situation is self-made and completely unacceptable.

Cllr Joe Miller’s Speech In City Chambers For Budget 2018

Cllr Joe Miller
Cllr Joe Miller

There are a number of typographical and format errors in this budget, however I won’t point them all out. 

Where Will These Figures End-up When a Spade Is In The Ground & a Light Can Be Switched On?

One of significance refers to £60m for the joint venture in the report, but on page 190 the totals add up to £63m, this is £10m more than first envisaged. I wonder where this figure will end up when a spade is in the ground and a light can be switched on? I have also not seen any mention of commuted sums in these budgets, or how they are going to be used, but they need oversight.

This Is Hypocrisy Of The Highest Order

Regarding Councillor parking versus home to school transport: I wonder why the Greens did not include cycle mileage and free bus passes to reverse more of the budget reduction? Could it be because Green Party Councillors benefit greatly from these allowances? This is hypocrisy of the highest order.

Infighting & Union Puppet Masters

We have heard a lot about government funding reductions this year but (as pointed out on page 15 para 4.4) the Revenue Support Grant (RSG) is reducing by £7.5m. However council tax increases and the Conservative Governments business rate retention initiative are bringing in an additional £12.7m. Along with this we see a huge number of other government grants, being made available to this council, to help sustain our budget and solve the city’s problems. Whether it be to integrate health and social care, to provide significant amounts of housing across the city, or to meet the challenge of increasing numbers of rough sleepers and tackle the waste of that human potential. It must therefore be the case that any reductions being made to front-line services is due to a fundamentally chaotic administration, that is systematically failing to deliver change at the pace other Council’s, generally Conservative ones are, up and down the country. This is namely down to their own infighting and union puppet masters saying jump – only for those to my left saying how high.

…This Will End-up Costing The State – Specifically The NHS…

One of those areas in the budget which I remain concerned about is the significant, and drastic, reduction of £600k from £4.9m to commissioning of STI prevention and treatment, contraception, HIV prevention and advice services (shown on page 102 and EIA 15 page 267). In the end, if this procurement (and I would like to see this come to PAB to see how providers can deliver the same or better services for less) goes wrong, this will end up costing the state, specifically the NHS, more.

None the less we have as a Group worked with the Administration to mitigate many of these frontline service reductions. Mainly targeted at youth provision across the city, I am going to talk mainly about two of the initiatives seen on page 17/18.

Children’s Lives We Are Helping To Change & Shape For The Better

But before I do this, I must take issue with what The Green Party called a ‘sordid’ £460k put back into youth provision. This is not just a number. These are children’s lives. Children’s lives we are helping to change and shape for the better; and it is worth remembering this before making crass, partisan, and derisory remarks.

£70k For Additional Mental Health & Emotional Support

The extra £70k for additional mental health and emotional support for young people, through CAHMS, to support those in further education aged 16-19 in the city will provide much needed additional support to our most vulnerable young people. This means that many young people will feel better and achieve more with their lives.

£40k Into Treatment Of Substance Misuse With RUOK?

This is coupled with another £40k into substance misuse for RUOK? As we know we are ranked highest nationally for the consumption of cannabis by 15 year olds, and third highest in respect of their consumption of alcohol. This additional money will support young people abusing, and at risk of using, these substances. This funding can be used to help them realise the effects of substance abuse on their later life; hopefully preventing use, saving money for the state later down the line, and making those young people’s lives more likely to be prosperous.

We Fought. We Delivered.

Conservative Councillors locally have fought in this budget process for young people, we have fought to protect their mental health services, and we have fought to save services that deal with their addictions. We fought, and we delivered.


Cllr Wares’ Budget Address 2018

Cllr. Lee Wares
Cllr. Lee Wares


It is essential that we carefully and efficiently plan to spend our money and critically, not waste it.

The Left Hand Doesn’t Know What The Hard-Left Hand Is Doing

Recently we had to deal with the debacle of Hangleton Bottom. Clearly a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand was doing or perhaps it would be more accurate to say the left hand and the hard left hand. How ridiculous it was that on Council land we had two Council projects for similar developments where the Administration Lead on one didn’t know the detail of the other. More unbelievable was that one would cost £160k and the other £750k. Thankfully after the Conservative Group’s intervention there now won’t be such a waste of taxpayer’s money.

Shocking Overspend Of Shelter Hall

We have also learnt of the shocking overspend of Shelter Hall. Another £7m on top of the agreed and spent £10m. Some of that extra money will come from the Local Transport Plan robbing other projects of £3m. In trying to forget the massive overspend, it will also be a year late and clash with the delayed Valley Gardens project. We know the two won’t easily cohabit especially when you take account of the Government funded half a Billion pound hospital redevelopment. We were once told not to worry because Shelter Hall will be finished in time, more false promise from Labour.

Essential That Labour Administration Carefully Co-ordinate Construction Phases

And on Valley Gardens, it is absolutely essential that Labour don’t take their eye off the ball. It has to keep the momentum going, not be disrupted by Momentum. It was rather concerning therefore that the Lead on Tourism, who was also on ETS Committee that approved the program for Valley Gardens, was quoted in the Argus saying he was aware it was happening but didn’t know when. I ask you, What hope do we have?

14 Months Later We Are Still Waiting

And the waste goes on……ETS agreed to alter a junction in Patcham to improve road and pedestrian safety. 14 months later we are still waiting and to add insult to injury we will have to dig up part of the road that we only just resurfaced.

The Labour Administration Has Proven Time & Time Again That They Are Incapable…

So in concluding, the Labour Administration has proven time and time again that they are entirely incapable of planning projects. They couldn’t run a bath let alone a project, they are no better than a dysfunctional shower. Labour can’t be trusted with the money they have, it is time to stop moaning and start spending what they have efficiently.