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Conservative Government Electrify Our City


Brighton and Hove Conservatives welcome the Conservative Government’s funding to increase on-street electric vehicle charging points throughout the City. The Government is investing £300k to create 200 additional charging points and the Council will seek an outsource partner to fund £100k and run the pay-as-you-use scheme. The grant funding covers 75% of the capital costs of procuring and installing the charge points.

Conservative Administration First to Install Electric Charging Points

Cllr Wares – Environment Spokesman

Conservative Environment, Transport and Sustainability spokesperson, Cllr. Lee Wares said “It was the Conservative Administration that first installed electric charging points in the City and in the last 7 years only 19 charging points in total have been installed. It is therefore very welcome news that the Conservative Government, who are leading the way in promoting electric vehicles, are investing in electrifying our City so that we can have over 200 charging points”.

Revenue Should First Come to the Council

Cllr. Wares added “It is good that the Council remain open minded to outsourcing with an organisation that has the capital to invest and the infrastructure to run the service. However, after the debacle of CoinCo, given that the City pays the electricity bills, all revenue should first come to the Council and then the surplus passed onto our chosen partner once the bills have been paid”.

Conservatives Welcome Labour MPs Rubbish Comments!


Following on from yet another Conservative victory in City Chambers (See full article on our successful Notice of Motion here) the Labour Administration have been forced to take action on a very important issue. Unfortunately 19 Labour Councillors voted against small businesses and sole traders in April, but the moderate Labour MP for Hove has stepped-in and clearly persuaded them that the Conservative suggestions are the best way forward.

Brighton and Hove Conservatives welcome Hove’s Labour MP commenting on fly-tipping in our City.

Cllr. Lee Wares
Cllr. Lee Wares

Conservative Environment spokesperson, Cllr. Lee Wares said “We have been raising the need for greater enforcement targeting fly-tipping across the whole City for ages but the Labour Administration just seem to want to ignore it. Now that Hove’s Labour MP has said there is “the need to focus more on areas of high fly-tipping and to stop this issue which is the real blight on our communities”, the Administration might this time listen and do something”.

Show Some Backbone

Cllr Tony Janio
Cllr Tony Janio

In City Chambers, when proposing the Conservative Motion to help small businesses and tackle waste in our city, Conservative Group Leader Cllr Tony Janio said “…there are many other policies across the council that aren’t working – our city is languishing in stasis – waiting  for the next local elections as the moderate Labour Councillors…are paralysed from a fear of deselection from a Momentum backed hard left.

“…there are many other policies across the council that aren’t working – our city is languishing in stasis – waiting  for the next local elections as the moderate Labour Councillors…are paralysed from a fear of deselection from a Momentum backed hard left.

“…I am just asking the current Labour Administration to show some backbone and agree to review the Small Business Waste policy now.” Thankfully Cllr Janio’s plea was heeded, albeit late and after defeat at the hands of Conservative and Green Members, and our City’s waste policy is finally getting the review it desperately needs.”

Labour Following Conservatives…Again!

The Conservative Group are pleased the Labour Administration are taking action as a result of this Conservative Group initiative; what a difference from the defiant statement made in City Chambers by Cllr Gill Mitchell in mid April. Could it be that Momentum or union pressure led to her categorically ruling out action?

Conservatives Welcome Labour MPs Rubbish Comments!

Cllr Wares asked in April "…will the Labour Administration act on our motion to explore how the Council can provide a recycling service for small businesses?" The response from Cllr Mitchell…

Gepostet von BHCConservatives am Dienstag, 15. Mai 2018

Cllr Wares – Environment Spokesman

The Conservative Group Environment Spokesman, Cllr Lee Wares, concluded by saying “Perhaps now 3GS have suspended fining small businesses for the odd piece of waste being put in residential bins, the Labour Administration will act on our motion to explore how the Council can provide a recycling service for small businesses, sole traders and those that work from home. We know they don’t wish to because they voted against our motion but now that their own MP is criticising them, if they don’t want to satisfy us or the small business community, maybe they will want to satisfy their own MP even if he is a Moderate, momentum is surely now with them”.

The Conservative Notice of Motion can be found here.

Disingenuous Press Releases, Plagiarised Words, & Another Labour U-turn


Just three weeks have passed since Conservative Councillor Joe Miller criticised Labour’s Cllr Robins for downplaying our city, and highlighted, with sadness, that such a tone being set by the Labour Administration could lead to any future bid being unsuccessful.

Chaos & Confusion in Labour Administration…

On the 19th of April Cllr Alan Robins said Brighton & Hove does not have a Skilled workforce, good national connections, or sufficient potential for significant infrastructure and production facilities to win a bid for Channel 4’s relocation. In the press today he quotes a Conservative Councillor’s words contradicting his own…was he confused then, is he confused now, or is this just more Labour Chaos?

Gepostet von BHCConservatives am Montag, 14. Mai 2018

In today’s Argus Councillor Robins said Channel 4’s plans to move out of London in 2019 presented an “excellent opportunity” and that the city was in “a great position”.

Very Familiar Words…

Cllr Robins’ statement may have a ring of familiarity for anyone who saw Conservative Councillor Joe Miller’s line of questioning in City Chambers on Thursday 19th April. It was Cllr Miller who highlighted the strong position Brighton and Hove is in to secure this relocation deal, but the videos above prove Cllr Robins has no faith in our city, its residents, or the wealth of talent therein.

Conservatives Saddened by Labour Negativity

Disingenuous press releases, plagiarised words, and yet another u-turn…

Slammed for talking-down our great city by Conservative Councillor Joe Miller, Cllr Robins responds with: "Cllr Miller seems far more advanced on this than I am…". Oh dear oh dear…disingenuous press releases, plagiarised words, and yet another u-turn as a result of Conservatives highlighting a catalogue of errors by this shambolic Labour Administration.

Gepostet von BHCConservatives am Montag, 14. Mai 2018

Cllr Joe Miller

Speaking earlier today, Cllr Miller said “I welcome this U-turn from Labour for the sake of our city. However it does show that they have no original ideas of their own and have to rely on opposition Party’s ideas to drive change in the city. As an administration they have run out of steam, and hopefully the city realises this by replacing them with a team with fresh and original ideas: improving the lives of all our residents, visitors, and businesses next year.”

Labour Fail to Promote Our City

By setting such a tone Cllr Robins could himself be responsible for this bid being unsuccessful, through his failure to promote our city…yet he now wants to take credit for instigating the bid!

Conservatives Win For Small Businesses


A Conservative Notice of Motion, brought before a meeting of Full Council in City Chambers on Thursday 19th April 2018, calls for Cityclean to provide an affordable and suitable commercial recycling service for small businesses and sole traders.

At present the provision for small businesses and sole traders who work from home, or produce very small quantities of recyclable waste, is woefully inadequate.

Affordable & Suitable

Cllr Tony Janio
Cllr Tony Janio

In City Chambers Cllr. Tony Janio said “Our Notice of Motion is very simple – it requests that the Chair of The Environment, Transport & Sustainability committee presents a report at their next meeting, detailing how Cityclean could provide an affordable and suitable commercial recycling service, for small businesses and sole traders who operate from home or produce very small quantities of recyclable waste.

Our City is Languishing in Stasis

“…there are many other policies across the council that aren’t working – our city is languishing in stasis – waiting  for the next local elections as the moderate Labour Councillors…are paralysed from a fear of deselection from a Momentum backed hard left.

Show Some Backbone

“…I am just asking the current Labour Administration to show some backbone and agree to review the Small Business Waste policy now. Sadly I expect this will not happen in the near future.”

Cllr, Lee Wares

The Conservative Notice of Motion was Proposed by: Cllr. Tony Janio (facebook) and Seconded by: Cllr. Lee Wares (facebook). In City Chambers the Motion was passed – but, unfortunately, 19 Labour Councillors voted against small businesses and sole traders.




Conservatives Win Fight to Protect Hove Library

Hove Library (Image from Google Streetview)
Hove Library (Image from Google Streetview)

Residents, campaigners, conservation societies (Including The Brighton Society), and the Conservation Advisory Group (CAG) are fighting to protect Hove Library.

Labour Ignore Objections

Interested parties have heavily criticised the Labour Administration for its refusal to take into account 8 of 12 objections.

Cllr Wealls. Conservative Finance Spokesman
Cllr Wealls. Conservative Finance Spokesman

The 12 objections include an objection lodged by the Brighton Society and one from Councillor Andrew Wealls, (within whose ward the Library is situated). Proposed alteration works will severely compromise the most important characteristic of Hove Library’s internal design – the radiating layout of bookshelves within the semi-circular plan of the library. This almost unique layout is one of the main reasons for the building’s Grade 2 listing.

In a statement, The Brighton Society wrote: “The Council should be setting an example of high standards to the private sector both in its commitment to preserving and enhancing the city’s heritage assets, and its commitment to the principle of public consultation.”


Cllr Robert Nemeth
Cllr Robert Nemeth

The Conservative Group in Brighton and Hove put forward a Notice of Motion, Proposed by: Cllr. Robert Nemeth (facebook) and Seconded by: Cllr. Andrew Wealls (facebook) which read:

  1. Immediately call a halt to the proposed works to Hove Library following criticism from residents, campaigners, conservation societies and the Conservation Advisory Group (CAG) about the way in which the planning process was handled, until the go-ahead is given by the Cross-Party Hove Library Working Group (which was not consulted on the proposal); and
  2. Requests the Chair of the Tourism, Development & Culture Committee to call for an officer report on the way in which application BH2017/03940 for works to the Library was advertised during the Christmas period and granted planning permission without either resident, Councillor or CAG scrutiny, that includes specific proposals on both consultation period and Councillor intervention to ensure that such an event does not happen again.

In Embarrassment Labour Abstain

The Labour Group did attempt to block Conservative’s Motion but, thanks to the Green Group’s support for this unique building, their amendment was voted down. After a great deal of political posturing, when the Conservative Motion came to the vote, an embarrassed Labour Group abstained in their entirety.

Conservatives Secure Victory For The Misplaced 38

Dorothy Stringer (Courtesy of The Argus)
Dorothy Stringer (Courtesy of The Argus)
Conservative Members of PR&G

Conservative’s Push Labour to Protect Pupil’s Prospects


At a meeting of The Policy, Resources, and Growth Committee, in city Chambers on Thursday 29th March, A Conservative Group amendment forced the chaotic Labour Administration to immediately accommodate the ‘misplaced 38‘ Children in September 2018.

Rush to Save Face

Realising that the Conservatives had found a solution to the plight of the misplaced 38, Labour Councillors hurriedly cobbled together a document to try and save face. On March 29th, a full 48 hours after Conservatives stepped-up to the plate, seemingly embarrassed Labour Councillors tried to score political points in City Chambers. Cllrs Janio, Bell, Wealls, and Peltzer Dunn did not stand for these shenanigans and requested an adjournment so that all three Parties could follow the Conservative lead and ensure action is taken immediately.

Conservatives Broker Unity to Achieve Results for Misplaced 38

Following the adjournment a joint amendment was unanimously voted through in the Chamber. The Conservative’s fast action prompted, albeit over two days later, the Labour Administration to see sense and correct their mistakes.


Conservative Government Provided £15m for New School in Brighton & Hove

Fifteen million pounds, allocated to build a secondary school the city does not need, can be used to build the two extra classrooms and catering facilities needed at Dorothy Stringer, thanks to an urgent request from the Conservative Group in our city. Cllr Tony Janio, and Cllr Steve Bell CBE submitted an amendment to The Policy, Resources, and Growth Committee demanding urgent action be taken to ensure the 38 misplaced children – all living within the Dorothy Stringer & Varndean catchment areas – can start the 2018-19 academic at a school near their homes.



Conservatives Defend City’s Tenants


At a meeting of The Audit & Standards Committee in City Chambers, on Tuesday March 27th, Conservative Councillors Nick Lewry, and Andrew Wealls – together with Committee Chairman Cllr Joe Miller – achieved a significant win for every council tenant in our City.

Were Tenants Charged Incorrectly?

In September of last year the Housing Service at Brighton & Hove City Council was tasked to review and resolve (in conjunction with the contractor) discrepancies between work carried out and the charges applied for electrical work under the Partnering Agreement between the Council and Mears Ltd, (now Mears Group Plc).


The Council and Mears entered into a long term partnership agreement in 2010
for the provision of a full range of property maintenance services, and other
associated works, primarily but not exclusively for those properties held within the
Council’s Housing Revenue Account. The review undertaken relates solely to domestic
rewire activities, undertaken as part of the planned maintenance programme set
out in that Contract.

Conservatives Demand Robust & Fair Defense of Our City’s Tenants

Unhappy with Members being asked to simply note the report, Conservative Councillors amended the recommendations. The Conservative’s amendment ensures action will be taken where the council is being wrongly billed. The Conservative Group in Brighton and Hove believe the chaotic Labour Administration must be held to account, for not properly ensuring that city funds are spent correctly.

Cllr Joe Miller

Speaking after the meeting, Committee Chair Cllr Joe Miller said “This amendment protects city funds through ensuring the council will challenge our contractors extremely robustly where we believe we have a claim against them. It ensures that, where justified, this council will challenge inaccurate or inappropriate charges: and defend strongly any counterclaim should one materialise. This is a great result for our city’s tenants by protecting their hard paid rents, and I’m delighted at what we’ve achieved tonight.”

Cllr Miller highlighted his concerns back in January, you can read his comments, published on the 9th, by clicking here.

The Conservative Amendment In Full

“That the Audit & Standards Committee support officers in robustly pursuing Brighton & Hove City Council claims in relation to all nine categories where the legal position justifies it whilst robustly and fairly defending the city’s tenants should Mears make a counterclaim” The original agenda item can be viewed here.

Conservatives Demand Labour Releases Funds For Misplaced 38

Dorothy Stringer (Courtesy of The Argus)
Dorothy Stringer (Courtesy of The Argus)

The Conservative Government have provided the city with £15m that can be immediately spent on our city’s schools. Rather than the Labour Administration sitting on these Government funds, the Conservative Group demands the money is spent in this financial year.

Dorothy Stringer Ready To Act

The minutes of the meeting of the full governing body of Dorothy Stringer, on 11th December 2017, state that ‘to accommodate an increase in student numbers by 30 Dorothy Stringer School would need two temporary classrooms, cupboard space and a catering pod’.

Council Leadership Called Into Question

Far from being insurmountable, the request for two portacabins, storage space, and a catering pod, could be easily achieved by September 2018 if there was sufficient will and leadership from the Labour council. It is unacceptable that this group of 38 children should be left in limbo when the funding is available right now.

Parents Call For Action

Local parents have set-up an action group ‘Misplaced 38’ (Click here for their Facebook page) and their online petition has over 1400 signatures. More details on this story are reported by Joel Adams in The Argus.


The Conservative Group Win Support For School Safety Measures


Over many years residents of Brighton & Hove have been calling for action on illegal and antisocial parking outside schools. The dangers posed are numerous, and the consequences of inaction do not bear thinking about. The Conservative Group praise the schools, the Council’s enforcement contractor, NSL, and the Police for their work improving child safety.

Existing Powers Are Seldom Used Effectively

Cllr, Lee Wares

Speaking in City Chambers, at a meeting of The Environment, Transport, & Sustainability Committee, Cllr Lee Wares sought assurances that all schools throughout the city will be supported in utilising existing powers, which are seldom used effectively at present as they are not widely known.

Cllrs Wares & Janio Secure Support

The recommendations, tabled by Cllr Lee Wares & Cllr Tony Janio, on behalf of the Conservative Group and residents of our city, were accepted in City Chambers this evening. This victory means that :

  • We will increase by three the number of Civil Enforcement
    Officers (CEO) employed to cover school parking enforcement.
  • The ‘Anti-social parking at schools – support and
    advice’ webpage becomes
    the one point of contact point and guidance for schools, residents and Councillors wishing to find out steps to take if there is a problem in their area.
  • The School Travel Team will make schools aware that
    the one point of contact webpage is available for support and advice, on an annual basis to coincide with the beginning of the school year.
  • The Executive Director for Economy, Environment &
    Culture will bring a report back to the next available Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee advising on the options to introduce Traffic Regulation.
Cllr Dawn Barnett challenges a driver parking in the no stopping zone.

Councillors from the Ward of Hangleton & Knoll Gather Signatures For Their Petition

Conservative Councillors Dawn Barnett, Nick Lewry, and Leader of the Conservative Group Cllr Tony Janio are on a mission to protect the children in our city as they arrive at, and leave, their school. The Ward Councillors will be monitoring the dangerous situation across all schools in Hangleton and Knoll. They have not ruled out returning to committee for enhanced powers should the new measures not solve the problems.