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£1.2m Adult Social Care Winter Funding for Brighton and Hove

Conservatives invest an extra £1,228,660 in adult social care in Brighton & Hove

Local Conservatives have today welcomes £1,228,660 of adult social care winter funding allocated to Brighton and Hove City Council by the government to help local areas ease winter pressures on the NHS.

Local Authorities in England are receiving a share of a £240 million fund, announced by Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock earlier this month. The money is aimed at reducing delayed transfers of care and could pay for the following:

  • Home care packages to help patients get out of hospital quicker
  • Reablement packages, which support workers to help patients carry out everyday tasks and regain mobility and confidence
  • Home adaptations, including new facilities for personal care, such as adapting a shower room if a patient has limited movement
Cllr Nicholas Taylor
Cllr Nicholas Taylor

Nick Taylor, Conservative Health and Wellbeing spokesperson commented “This funding for adult social care is gladly received to ease the annual pressures on our fantastic local health services during the winter months. Residents of the city deserve the very best care and this funding is further evidence of the Government’s commitment to deliver that.”

Conservatives Invest £140,000 in Services for Young People in Our City


In this financial year The Conservatives, through the Department for Education (DfE), have given a grant of £50,138 to Brighton & Hove City Council (BHCC). The Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Preparation for Employment Grant should be used to encourage and improve supported internships, working in partnership with education providers and employers to set-up a Supported Internship Forum. It should also provide job coach training to increase the pool of coaches to support young people with SEND on work placements.

Conservatives Secure £90,000 Additional Funding For Young People

The Conservative Group in Brighton and Hove also secured £90,000 additional investment in services for young people at this year’s Budget Council. The Conservatives tabled an amendment to the poorly planned 2018/19 budget, which the chaotic Labour Administration weakly presented; the Conservative amendment was passed, and it was agreed that additional funding of £90,000 should be allocated to support SEND young people into sustainable employment.

It Is The Conservatives That Deliver For Young People

Cllr Vanessa Brown
Cllr Vanessa Brown

Speaking outside Hove Town Hall, following this evening’s meeting of the Children, Young People, and Skills Committee (CYPS), the Conservative Spokeswoman for CYPS – Cllr Vanessa Brown – said “These two substantial injections of cash prove that both locally and nationally it is the Conservatives that deliver for young people overall, and youngsters with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in particular. There is only one way to secure the prosperous future that our next generations deserve, and that is to vote Conservative.”


Cllr Lee Wares
Cllr Lee Wares

On Monday 22nd July, the Labour Administration quietly posted on the Council’s website news that it intends to significantly increase the tariff’s for using the bikeshare scheme. Examples, will see the most popular ad-hoc hire journeys increase in price to the user by 66% and see annual subscriber’s free time use reduce by half. The Council receives 50% of any surplus operating profit over £330k from the operator, Hourbike. Brighton Bikeshare was launched two years ago with a Conservative Government investment of £1.6m and £290k from the City’s coffers.

Conservative Environment, Transport and Sustainability spokesperson, Cllr. Lee Wares said “We are frequently told that the bikeshare scheme is hugely popular and now forms part of our City’s transport network which is always welcomed news. All parties acknowledge the need to tackle climate change and as a City we are about to consult and invest huge sums of money in making cycling more accessible and safer. The City is actively encouraging people to walk, cycle or use public transport to improve health and well-being and to achieve our carbon neutral footprint by 2030.”

“It seems counter-intuitive therefore that at the very moment we need greater participation (and let’s not forget there are always calls for bus fares to be lower), this Labour Administration intends to cash-in on our desire to achieve these objectives by imposing massive increases on tariffs to use bikes; Labour say that the increases will still result in lower or comparable tariffs compared to other schemes but that isn’t the point.  As, according to current arrangements, half the profits come to the council, we look forward to hearing from Labour what income this will generate and what they will spend the additional money on”.

Our Manifesto


Here is a link to our manifesto:

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Cllr Taylor Writes to Chief Exec on Behalf of Frustrated Withdean Residents


Cllr Taylor and frustrated Withdean residents
Cllr Taylor and frustrated Withdean residents

Local Conservative Cllr Nick Taylor has this week written to Brighton and Hove City Council Chief Executive Geoff Raw outlining the need for urgent action to tackle the growing frustrations of residents regarding parking issues in the Surrenden Road area.

The letter, which Cllr Taylor requested be included in the next agenda of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee says:

Last year I lobbied committee members to ask that the Council revisit its plan to begin work on a consultation in the Surrenden Road area in 2020. However, the parking situation has only deteriorated further in that time and resident frustration is growing.

I do not need to rehash the reasons why parking is problematic here; other than to reiterate the point that the committee has approved several schemes over the years seemingly without thought or consequence of the likely impact on this area of Withdean ward.

At a recent public meeting I heard resident frustration loud and clear. The matter is doubly important as any road redesign from the implementation of a parking scheme can be used to enhance the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. I am sure the committee is aware that there are five schools in the area and numerous nurseries so this is of paramount importance to me.

I therefore request that the committee review the parking timetable with a view to begin work immediately on the Surrenden Road area consultation to tackle these interlinked issues.

At the public meeting a number of residents felt that the area wasn’t being listened to. Committee, please prove them wrong.

As requested, the letter was read during ETS Committee on 19 March 2019.

Conservatives Welcome Progress for Preston Park Commuters


Local Conservatives have welcomed the news that peak train services will return to Preston Park earlier than planned.

Govia Thameslink Railway has confirmed that two peak services will start calling at Preston Park within a matter of weeks.

This follows strong representations from local Withdean Councillor Nick Taylor and the Conservative Group at Council meetings.

Commenting Nick said: “This is great news for the local community which has been struggling for months to see the return of these train services. For months I have been lobbying Govia on behalf of local residents. Although we have further to go before things are back to normal this is encouraging news.”

Leader of the Conservative Group, Cllr Tony Janio added “A strong economy relies on good transport links yet the residents of Brighton and Hove have been forced to deal with a less than adequate train service in recent years to put it lightly. This, however, is a really positive step in the right direction and so let’s hope it continues.”


Councillor Urges Government Not to Delay on Outlining Urgent Social Care Changes in Brighton & Hove


Local Conservative Health and Wellbeing Spokesman Cllr Nick Taylor has this week written to the Government outlining the need for urgent action on tackling the growing social care issue both in Brighton and Hove and countrywide after the recent announcement of a further delay to the Social Care Green Paper.

The Green Paper is set to outline proposals around topics including integration with health and other services, carers, workforce, and technological developments and will “ensure that the care and support system is sustainable in the long term”. The Government will also consider domestic and international comparisons as part of preparations for the Paper.

Conservative Health and Wellbeing Spokesman Cllr Nick Taylor commented:

“Integration between health and social care is a very great prize delivering improved social care services for our city. Whilst we continue this work locally, a national delay is hugely regrettable. I hope this can be resolved quickly and have outlined these points to the Chancellor to consider.”

Leader of the Conservative Group for Brighton and Hove City Council, Cllr Tony Janio added:

“Whilst we appreciate that the Social Care Green Paper was delayed for the development of the Government’s highly commendable Long Term Plan for the NHS, we must continue to drive forward on such an important issue. The Conservative Group therefore fully supports Cllr Taylor’s words and echoes his concerns at any further delay.”

A copy of the letter can be read here: Social Care Letter

Cllr Lee Wares: Labour / Green Pact Ignores Concerns Over Valley Gardens

Cllr Lee Wares
Cllr Lee Wares

Labour claims to be listening and the Greens constantly complain there is not enough consultation. Yet with Valley Gardens Phase 3, neither seems interested in what is being said.

Labour’s report at Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee this Thursday, that the Greens will support, air-brushes out the economic and environmental concerns the design will bring.

Few I have spoken to disagree that the bottom of Valley Gardens needs major regeneration and that we need to improve provision for cyclists, pedestrians and accessibility for less able citizens. Most agree we will all benefit with the right design.

In the report, a single paragraph acknowledges businesses and stakeholders raised concerns but Labour merely says they will ensure lessons learnt will be incorporated into future projects.

Equally, Labour sweeps aside alternatives such as using Pool Valley saying they have been noted and retained for consideration for any future projects that may come forward. These ideas would further enhance cycling provision and mitigate the risk of lowering air quality.

Labour highlights 52% agreed that cycling routes and crossings will be improved. It doesn’t highlight 62% said the roundabout should be retained.

Labour shows contempt for those that dare oppose their scheme. They praise “supportive and constructive letters” from those that back them, suggesting any opposition is unhelpful. However, those concerned with the current design (and who stand to gain from a good design) employ tens of thousands of people and bring billions of pounds of economic prosperity to our City and include:-

North Laine, Brighton Lanes, Seafront Traders and Kemptown Traders associations, Brighton Fringe, Brighton Events Group, Brighton and Hove Taxi Forum, Tourism Alliance, Pavilion Surgery, Brighton Language College, Brighton & Hove Restaurant Association, Brighton Grassroots Music Venues, Sainsbury’s Local, Marlborough Pub & Theatre, Palace Pier, Royal Albion Hotel, Brighton Old Town Local Action Team, The Kingscliffe Society, employers such as solicitors, surveyors, digital start-ups and local residents and public transport groups.

Therefore, irrespective of promises to listen, nobody is being heard and nothing fundamental in the design will change.

Labour acknowledges their design is flawed with the need to now spend millions on Dukes Mound to compensate for an error they don’t have to make. They propose to allow right turns across the seafront road that are prevented because roads get blocked and accidents happen. They acknowledge the design is unaffordable now having to rely on private investment that cannot be identified.

Public transport operators and users concede they are now left with trying to make a bad design work rather than having an optimal design.

Labour argues a risk to Government funding. They were not concerned when they delayed Valley Gardens 1 & 2 by two years. Risks such as these need managing through dialogue with Government rather than forcing through something that will negate all the benefits that could be achieved.

Unless there is a change of heart by Labour or Greens we are on a journey of economic self-harm. It is now down to them.

Conservatives Promote Reduction in Trader Permit Charges


Conservative councillor Lee Wares asked the Council to consider reducing trader permit charges during the Council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee last night.

Noting a surplus from parking charges and fines in the previous financial year, Conservative councillor Lee Wares asked for any future surplus to consider being used to reduce the cost of trader permits in the city. The surplus last year was nearly £500k after transport project borrowing costs, concession bus passes and subsidised bus routes had been paid for.

Cllr Lee Wares
Cllr Lee Wares

Speaking after the Committee Cllr Wares said “I am pleased that the Council agreed to consider this. Conservatives will always back business and enterprise in the city and reducing trader permit costs will help our local economy thrive. If the council finds itself with a surplus that can be used to ease the pressure on local traders and their customers, then it makesabsolute sense to pass that on.”

Conservatives Condemn CoinCo Calamity


Under the previous Green Party Administration CoinCo were the contractor for providing cash collection services for Brighton and Hove City Council. They went into administration in November 2014 – owing the council £3.243m which it had collected, but not transferred, from many council establishments and parking machines.

£3,243,000 Owed To B&H Residents

Under Labour Chairmanship of Audit & Standards the 2.2 million owed to Council Tax payers in Brighton and Hove rose to 4m and now sits at 3.243 million. The chaotic Labour Administration, and the Green group, refused to support the amendment – which would have used just £8,000 to obtain external legal counsel that could recover £3,243,000 which is owed to the residents of our city. Labour and Green Party councillors seem keen to roll over and abandon all hope of recovering money owed to the city.

Labour Administration Not Acting In Best Interest Of City

With local elections just months away, could this be Labour and Green councillors conveniently trying to forget about what happened? It certainly does not seem like they are acting in the best interests of the Council, or the hardworking taxpayers of Brighton and Hove.

Cllr Joe Miller
Cllr Joe Miller

Speaking in Hove Town Hall, Cllr Joe Miller said “You don’t know, what you don’t know, what you don’t know: which our council officers were clear in the report and presentation given they didn’t know, until they ask for further expert external legal advice. That’s all we asked for, £8,000 to get expert legal advice to check that our officers’ less expert gut instinct was right in writing this £3.2m off. I am astounded other parties have written this very significant sum off without being sure we had no claim to bring against up to four separate parties.”

Residents Deserve Reimbursing

At a meeting of The Audit & Standards Committee on 8th, the Conservative Group called for action instead of noting – in respect of a report requested by the Chair of A&SC, Cllr Joe Miller (Rottingdean Coastal), about suing the directors, bank, auditors and / or the administrators of CoinCo International Ltd (CCI).

Labour & Green Councillors Refuse To Seek Professional Legal Advice

The Conservative Group amendment requested that officers seek external legal counsel on the likelihood of success for any claim brought against all or any of the parties outlined in the report.

Cllr Miller went on to say: “Some said this was throwing good money after bad, however as we didn’t have the expert advice we did not know this for sure. The council often takes expert legal advice but not here. Why? We could have been throwing good money after good; £8,000 to get £3.2 million back is a good investment in my view. I will let the public decide if they agree.”

Conservatives Hail Hospital Success


Local Conservatives have today welcomed the news by the CQC that Brighton Sussex and University Hospitals have come out of special measures and are rated ‘Good.’

The Hospital trust had been placed in special measures following an earlier inspection.

The news has drawn praise from the Conservative Government with Caroline Dinenage, Minister of State for Care, commenting: “It is testament to the hardworking staff at Brighton and Sussex that the trust has shown such improvement over the last two years, and it is with great pleasure that I congratulate them in coming out of quality special measures.”

The news comes as the Government launches its Long Term Plan for the NHS which will:

  • Improving cancer survival rates with earlier and rapid diagnosis, new diagnostic centres and genomic testing so that within ten years 55,000 more people survive cancer.
  • Improving prevention, detection and treatment of cardiovascular disease.
  • Better access to mental health including at schools to give 370,000 adults and 345,000 children greater support.
  • Fighting inequalities of existing provision for veterans, care after custody services, severe mental illnesses and learning disabilities.
  • Within five years every patient in England will have access to a digital GP service.
  • Making the NHS a world class employer.

Cllr Nick Taylor
Cllr Nick Taylor

Conservative Health and Wellbeing Spokesman Cllr Nick Taylor has welcomed the plans:

“Like buses we have received two pieces of very good news at once for our local health services.

Residents of the city can have confidence in services provided by our local hospital and in the exciting future promised by the Long Term Plan; all backed by a £20.5 billion real terms increase in funding.

Congratulations to all the staff, medical, clerical and managerial for pulling together and making a success of our hospital.”

Cllr Steve Bell CBE Demands Action For Grieving Families


At a meeting of Full Council today, Cllr Steve Bell expressed his upset and disgust that Brighton & Hove City Council are one of the only local authorities not currently signed-up to the ‘Tell Us Once’ service.

Tell Us Once is a government service that allows people to report a death to a number of government departments in one go. The service is provided by most local authorities on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Cllr Steve Bell OBE
Cllr Steve Bell OBE

Speaking in Hove Town Hall Cllr Bell said “When you’re mourning a loved one, the very last thing you want to do is wade through multiple copies of the same paperwork and make multiple calls to all the different organisations and departments that need informing of a death. I am shocked that out of 407 councils in England, Scotland, and Wales there are just 11 that do not use the Tell Us Once service. Brighton and Hove Unitary Authority is one of the 11 that do not use it, and it is a disgrace that this Labour Administration have done nothing to change that.”